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Okusaca chapters, affiliates and sister organizations across the world.

OKUSACA currently has 11 member associations known as Chapters, along with 2 Affiliate associations that have not yet achieved full-member status.

OKUSACA has reached out to and linked up with our sister organization in Europe, Okuapemman Europe so our respective organizations can work in tandem towards the common goal of mobilizing our people (the general memberships of our two organizations) to pull our strengths, talents, time and resources together in a joint effort to achieve a better life for ourselves (each and every member of OKUSACA and Okuapemman Europe as well as our immediate family members, whether living in the Diaspora or back home) first and foremost, and then to support initiatives that would help to improve the quality of life of our broader, extended families in the Akuapem-Asuogya-Akwamu areas back home.


Below is a list of all the Chapters and Affiliates with their current leaders or respective presidents:

One of the major goals of OKUSACA is to continue to grow our membership in both Chapters and individuals, and we will do that in two ways:

  • Search for and identify states (in the United States), provinces (in Canada) and/or metropolitan areas (in both countries) where organized groupings of people from Akuapem/Asuogya/Akwamu already exist and support such groups to develop their organizations with the ultimate goal of becoming member-Chapters of OKUSACA, or

  •  Where such organized groups do not already exist but there we find that there are good numbers of people of Akuapem/Asuogya/Akwamu descent, initiate and assist with the formation of affiliate associations by the locals (residents of those areas) and nurture them to grow into full Chapter memberships.

To this end, we encourage all people of Akuapem/Asuogya/Akwamu descent living in the Diaspora in areas (cities, states, provinces) where they would like to see the presence of OKUSACA (in North America) or Okuapemman Europe to contact the OKUSACA National Secretariat or Okuapemman Europe Secretariat for information on how to go forward in that endeavour.

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