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The National Secretariat

Our organization is led by the National Secretariat who are an elected group of individuals with the overall responsibility of managing the association. These officers are elected to serve three (3)- year terms and consist of a National President, National Vice President, National Coordinating Secretary, Assistant National Coordinating Secretary, National Treasurer, National Public Relations Officer (PRO) and Assistant National Public Relations Officer. Together with Chapter Presidents and Chapter representatives, the collective group constitutes the National Council, which is the supreme legislative body of the Association. Below are the National Secretariat Officers of the Association.

President's DP website .jpg

Akosua Kwabea Osafo Sedenu

National President

Photo - Assistant Secretary - Mac Agyapong.jpg

Maclean Agyepong

Assistant National Secretary

Veep Odei #1.jpg

Alexander Odei

National Vice President

Photo - National Treasurer_Abigail Ofei.jpg

Abigail Ofei

National Treasurer

Photo - National Secretary - Benji.jpg

Benji Kojo Addo

National Secretary

Photo - National PRO_Kojo Addo.jpg

Kojo Addo

National Publicity Officer

Kwabena - Assist. PRO.jpg

Kwabena Asante Frimpong

Assistant National Publicity Officer

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